Pregnancy Chiropractic

No one can deny that being pregnant causes many changes in a woman's body. Some of those changes can result in aches and pains. What you need is a pregnancy chiropractor who can help you to holistically deal with the changes. Dr. Janice Cheatwood of Cheatwood Chiropractic in Brandon, FL is Webster Certified and has expertise in treating pregnant women. 

Understanding the basic concepts of chiropractic care helps you to realize why it will help you when you are pregnant. Drugs are not something that is usually acceptable to expectant mothers and, with chiropractic care, they are not part of the equation. Chiropractors take a very holistic view of treatment and look to get to the root of any symptoms, not just trying to get rid of the pain. The body, when it is working optimally, can heal itself. 

How pregnancy changes your body

One of the real issues when you are pregnant, is the changing of your center of gravity. As your baby grows, the center of gravity moves forward. Not only can this make you feel like you are going to fall over at any moment, but it puts a lot of additional pressure on your back. This includes your spine and also the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that keep you standing upright. Having a pregnancy chiropractor can keep your back pain under control and with regular manipulation and gentle adjustments, your back can accommodate the new center of gravity. 

The Webster Technique

The Webster Technique was developed by a Colorado chiropractor who realized that traditional chiropractic adjustments were not giving pregnant women and their babies the chiropractic care that they required. They needed more specialized care. This technique concentrates on the pelvis and the sacroiliac (sl) joint. This is the area that suffers from the weight of the infant you are carrying. By preparing this area for birth, it improves the birth experience for mothers and babies. 

The Webster Technique is not a replacement for your obstetrician, your chiropractor works with your medical doctor to provide the care pregnant women require. Dr. Cheatwood will take care of you through your pregnancy and will be there to assist once the birth is over and you and your baby need some gentle care. 

When you need a pregnancy chiropractor, Dr. Cheatwood of Cheatwood Chiropractic in Brandon, FL fits the bill perfectly. To make an appointment, call the office at 813- 681-4418. 

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